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General Information

The City of Andrews is a home-rule city under Texas State Law.  The City was founded in 1937.  The City is governed by a five-member council and mayor and has approximately 60 employees under the City Manager.


Andrews has recently experienced, arguably, the greatest period of growth and development in its history.  For two consecutive years, Andrews has been the fastest growing micropolitan area (city with 10-50K pop. adjacent to MSA) in Texas… surpassing more well-known communities such as Kerrville, Granbury, Fredericksburg, Marshall and Brenham… and leading to a national feature on MSNBC. 


According to the US Census, Andrews’ population has grown by 10.8% from 2000-2009.  The prospect for continued long-term growth is positive given the solid foundation which has been laid. 


Andrews, Texas is indeed a community on the move. Our citizens enjoy a small town quality of life. With our commitment to faith, family, and free enterprise combined with our positive outlook, we are committed to helping one another with a strong community spirit of pride and cooperation.

                                                             COMMUNITY AWARENESS

The following list will assist individuals in preventing mosquito breeding:

1.  Remove cans, barrels, buckets, tires, pots and other containers that hold water
2.  Keep gutters clear of debris and standing water
3.  Remove standing water around any structures or from a flat roof
4.  Change water in pet dishes daily
5.  Change water in wading pools and bird baths several times a week
6.  Maintain backyard pools and hot tubs
7.  Keep all trash receptacles covered
8.  Water lawns carefully so water does not stand for several days
9.  Treat front and back door areas of homes with residual insecticides if mosquitoes are nearby
10. If mosquito problems persist, consider pesticide applications for vegetation around the home.


Recent Happenings

• 01.03.17

Kids Kingdom Closed


• 12.22.16

Holiday Closings
City Offices will close at Noon on 12-23-16 and reopen on Tuesday, December 27th.  We will also be closed on January 2nd for the New Year Holiday.

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