City of Andrews, TX

Employee Recognition


A Core Value Award is a quarterly award given to City employees who have received recognition from coworkers, citizens, or supervisors for exhibiting excellence in one of the City's four Core Values. 

  • The Excellence Award is given to those employees who pursue excellence in the workplace and have outstanding practices in managing and achieving results. They put the needs of others before self. They deliver exceptional service to internal and external customers by exceeding expectations. They encourage continuous improvement and innovation. They effectively manage the public's resources.
  • The Engaged & Empowered Award is given to those employees who connect their work to a greater cause and purpose. They provide and/or participate in activities which provide the opportunity to learn and grow. They practice open communication. They accept job autonomy (the ability to direct their own work).
  • The Family / Team Oriented Award is given to those employees who work together with camaraderie, respect, accountability, and unity. They participate in other's lives - the struggles, joys, sorrows, and goals. They enable other employees to spend quality time with their families. They ensure everyone around them goes home in the same shape they came to work.
  • The Integrity Award is given to those employees who demonstrate integrity in all circumstances. They consistently act in a moral and ethical manner regardless of the situation. They strive to keep all promises and commitments. They insist on honesty and transparency in all dealings. They take responsibility for their individual actions.
At the end of each quarter, a committee selected by the City Manager will review the nominations and award a winner for each Core Value area for which there is a nomination. All nominees will be recognized in the City Manager's Monthly Update and winners will receive a $25 gift card.

Nomination forms may be submitted by a citizen or coworker electronically by using the following link:

Core Values