City of Andrews, TX


Mission Statement
In a spirit of excellence, integrity and dedication, the Accounting Division is committed to developing fiscal policies that ensure a financially strong and effective city government and ensure generally accepted accounting standards are followed and appropriate internal controls are in place to safeguard City assets while providing support to other City divisions, residents and our community as a whole. 

The City of Andrews Accounting Division is an organization dedicated to providing quality financial services to other city departments, the City Council, and the citizens of Andrews. These services are intended to be provided in a timely, accurate, and cost efficient manner. 

The Accounting Division is responsible for maintaining a fiscally sound organization that conforms to legal requirements and to generally accepted financial management principles. Services provided include: 

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Advisory support
  • Budget preparation and monitoring
  • Debt management and capital financing
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Information Technology
  • Procurement of materials and services
  • Risk management
  • Treasury services
  • Utility billing