City of Andrews, TX

Employee Resources

City of Andrews
The shared beliefs and behaviors that unite us and guide our every action.

—Commitment to Excellence—
We desire to be a city of excellence – one others admire, learn from, and aspire to be.
We will demonstrate this by…
  • putting the needs of others before self;
  • delivering exceptional service to internal & external customers by exceeding expectations;
  • encouraging continuous improvement and innovation; and
  • effectively managing the public’s resources.
 —Engaged & Empowered—
We desire to create a culture where employees are engaged and empowered.
We will demonstrate this by…
  • connecting our work to a greater cause and purpose;
  • providing and/or participating in activities which provide the opportunity to learn & grow;
  • practicing open communication; and
  • providing and/or accepting job autonomy (ability to direct one’s own work).
 —Family Oriented—
We desire to provide a family oriented workplace.
We will demonstrate this by…
  • working together with camaraderie, respect, accountability and unity;
  • participating in each other’s lives – the struggles, joys, sorrows, and goals;
  • enabling employees to spend quality time with their families; and
  • ensuring all employees go home in the same shape they came to work.
We desire to demonstrate integrity at all times and in all circumstances.
We will demonstrate this by…
  • consistently acting in a moral and ethical manner regardless of the situation;
  • striving to keep all promises and commitments;
  • insisting on honesty and transparency in all dealings; and
  • taking responsibility for our individual actions.