City of Andrews, TX


The EMS division is made up of 13 full-time Emergency Response Personnel. They provide emergency medical services at a BLS/MICU level for all of Andrews County serving approximately 20,000 residents.

Andrews EMS provides a high level of care maintaining progressive, evidence based protocols that meet or exceed national standards of care. This process produces optimal performance to better serve our community.
 EMS Personnel                      
Full-Time personnel under EMS Director Joe Harper:  Joyce Boren, Genifer Hobbs, Brent VanZandt,
Chisum Dolgener, Clayton O'Rear, Joseph Velez, Kane Royal, Paige Burt, Nathaniel Cook, Amanda Tate,
Shane Dolgener, Jordan Felan, Taylor Felan and Nat Starcher.

Contact Information:
Joe Harper, Director of Emergency Services