City of Andrews, TX

Building Permit / Inspections

Please be alert of the following situations:

  • A contractor who requires you to pay in advance of any work.
  • A contractor who is overly aggressive to get you to sign a contract without thoroughly inspecting the damage.
  • A contractor who indicates you may need much more work than just a simple repair. While this may be the case, you should always get another licensed plumber’s opinion before agreeing to any large-scale extra work. If extra work is required, a City permit and inspection are likely required to ensure the job is performed correctly.
  • Out-of-state license plates on contractor’s vehicles, as these individuals may be unqualified to work in the State of Texas.

Ensure your plumbing contractor is a State of Texas Licensed Plumber. This is a requirement for any individual performing any type of plumbing work in the State of Texas. You can verify the validity of a license by visiting the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. If your contractor is from out-of-state, request to see their provisional plumbing license that is issued by the State of Texas.  This provisional license allows them to perform work in Texas.

Be diligent in investigating a contractor and their company before hiring them. There are numerous internet sources available ranging from the Better Business Bureau to online reviews of contractors. Please take advantage of these resources.

If you need more information, please call the Building Department at 432-523-4820.

The City of Andrews Building Department ensures that all buildings, including your home, are built to required building safety codes, which address life safety, structural stability, fire safety, sanitation, electricity, energy efficiency and more.