City of Andrews, TX

Solid Waste

The City of Andrews is the sole provider of municipal waste collection and disposal services for all customers located within the city limits.  Residential garbage is collected twice per week utilizing shared dumpsters located in alleys. Commercial accounts have options for additional collection days.

All refuse shall be deposited by the customer in the dumpster. Customers shall be responsible for keeping the area surrounding the dumpster clean and free from any debris or refuse. The City will not be responsible for picking up trash from around the container.

Unacceptable Item in the Dumpster

No concrete, rocks, dirt, construction debris, large metal objects, air conditioners, furniture, stoves, industrial byproducts, refrigerators, hazardous materials (oil, filters, paint, or other household chemicals), dead animals, large brush or tree branches shall be placed in a container by any person.

Pickup Schedule 
Monday & Thursday - NE and SE Sections
                                                  NW 1st to NW 13th from NW Ave E to NW Mustang
Tuesday & Friday        - SW Section
                                                  NW 13th to NW Mustang from W. Broadway to NW Ave E
                                                 subdivisions north of  NW Mustang 
                                                 subdivision west of NW Mustang
Bulk Waste Pickup

Scheduled 2024 Alley Sweep

SW Jan 2 - Jan 15 May 1 - May 15 Sep 2 - Sep 13
NW Feb 1 - Feb 15 Jun 3 - Jun 14 Oct 1 - Oct 15
NE Mar 1 - Mar 15 Jul 1 - Jul 15 Nov 1 - Nov 15
SE Apr 1 - Apr 15 Aug 1 - Aug 15 Dec 2 - Dec 13

Landfill Services
The City Landfill is an approved landfill by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as an Arid Exempt Landfill.  We have two (2) pits:

Type I - designated for residential and commercial waste
Type IV - designated for construction and demolition waste

Under the approved permit, the allowable daily tonnage to be disposed is 20 tons per pit.

Landfill Safety Rules

Landfill Hours:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday Hours
8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Closed on Wednesday and Sunday


Landfill Charges
$48.00 per ton or $2.40 per 100 pounds with a $5.00 minimum charge.

Tire Disposal
Passenger Car Tire $  3.00
Light Truck Tire $  5.00
Heavy Truck Tire $ 8.00
Off-Road Machinery Tire (Must be quartered)         $10.00

Commercial Charge Account can be set up for your convenience. Deposit required.

Landfill fees are waived for homeowners/tenants disposing of trash/debris (excluding tires, etc.) from their primary residence; however, trash must be transported to the landfill.  A current city water bill and valid ID are required as proof of residency.

Items with Freon are NOT accepted at the landfill.

5 Reasons To Always Bag, Tie, and Toss Your Trash                                          

1. Trash Bags keep your dumpster clean

Who wants the aroma of a stinky dumpster filling one’s neighborhood with a less than inviting scent?  Not me!  As you can imagine, a dumpster can become very dirty on the inside week in and week out.  After awhile a mixture of scents, residues and grime takes hold.  Before you know, you un-intentionally start inviting insects, mold, critters and offensive odors to takeover.  Getting the picture?  Add hot weather and it is truly a recipe for something mysterious.  I highly doubt you want to spend your time guessing what lies below, do you?  Keep your neighborhood fresh, clean and safe!

 2. Bagging helps keep you and others safe
When it comes to servicing your trash, the City of Andrews wants all citizens to know that we take great pride in striving for excellence in all we do!  Our trash trucks have automated parts that lift the dumpsters and then compacts the trash it collects.  If there is loose garbage, that requires someone to get out of the truck and pick it up, causing a delay in ensuring all trash is picked up in a professional and timely manner.  It also has the potential to attract dogs, wild animals and rodents. 

When there is debris and bulk waste around the dumpster, it causes operations to be slowed and presents safety issues with loose materials being scattered about.  Loose trash is very difficult to keep contained.  Overall, it creates a kink in our daily operations – meaning routes run slower, drivers are exposed to potential hazards, and everyone being impacted in some way.

3. Windy times
Another issue is wind.  West Texas may be known for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but we are also known for that crazy wind!  Keep your mess out of the yards of your neighbors and your area looking clean and pristine – even if your dumpster becomes full spilling over the top, you can rest assured that your household trash will not blow across town.  Bagging and tying helps to ensure that trash stays where it is supposed to. 

4. Trash Bags help keep rates down
Bagged trash is more efficient to pick up and pack into the trucks.  Keeping operating costs lowered helps the charge you see on your water bill stay as low as possible.  And, as far as CARING FOR THE EARTH, the less time on the roads = a smaller carbon footprint. 

 5. It is the right thing to do
Bagged trash is much nicer, cleaner and easier to handle than loose trash.  We strive for excellence in keeping our Andrews clean and safe, and the staff here at the City of Andrews thanks you for your commitment to bagging your trash, tying it off and tossing it into your dumpster…every time!  Thank you!

(This information was taken in part from an article that can be found on