Fire Marshall

Since 1938, the office of the City of Andrews Fire Marshal has been aggressively involved in various aspects of fire prevention. The position was implemented to perform inspections of structures and any other dangerous conditions found within the city limits. City Fire Marshals, present and past, have been active members of the Andrews Volunteer Fire Department.

One of the many responsibilities of the Fire Marshal’s office includes conducting investigations. Investigations are conducted on all fires from the least significant to the most crucial and many times involve the Sheriff or Police Departments. Maintaining good relations with both of these Departments as well as the Street Department, the Volunteer Fire Department, and other local, State, and Federal agencies is a vital part of the successful efforts in investigation and, at times, inspections.

In the middle 60’s, the Fire Marshal—Volunteer Firefighter position was combined with that of the Building Inspector as an employee of the City. Although this has not been the case with every Fire Marshal/Building Inspector hired since the 60’s, this dual role has for the most part, worked very well in this small, oil town.

Residential and Commercial Fire Inspections has also been added to the many hats worn by the City of Andrews Fire Marshal.

Listed below is a partial list of responsibilities of the City of Andrews Fire Marshal:

Residential and Commercial Fire Inspections

  • Reports and Tallies of Inspections
  • Investigations and Reported Findings
  • Public Fire Safety Education
  • Public Relations for City, County and, at times, for the Volunteer Fire Department
  • Firefighter Education and Safety Training
  • ISO Progress
  • Local Law Enforcement Aid
  • Mutual Investigation Aid