City of Andrews, TX

Factors to Department's Success

Since its humble beginnings in 1945, AVFD has come a long way. There are several factors which have led to its current state of being. Without any one of these factors, Andrews would not have the volunteer fire department that it has currently.

The number one reason for this fire department's success is the men who volunteer their time to this department as well as to the people of Andrews. Although Andrews County consists of 1,504 square miles (which is bigger than the state of Rhode Island), the fire department still handles it all with an impressive response time. These men have carried on the high standards and Christian morals on which this department was founded. Currently, there are 44 members. Of these members, many are certified firemen with four members certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

The second reason that it has all worked so well is because Andrews County and the City of Andrews work together to make this department the best it can be. Currently, the Andrews Volunteer Fire Department has 12 trucks and 1 HAZMAT trailer in operation. These trucks include: three pumpers, four booster trucks (grass rigs), one rescue truck, one tanker, two chief officers' trucks and a boom truck. The department also has access to county water trucks and maintainers. 

Besides having good reliable equipment and great support, the volunteers devote a great deal of their personal time to training. They attend fire schools in Abilene, Amarillo, College Station, Lubbock, Odessa, and Waco. When they are not attending these schools, they are constantly training at the local training field just outside of town. Not only does this fire department highly support the constant training of its members, but it also reaches out to the community as well. Here, the firemen work closely with the local Fire Marshal's office by volunteering their time to help teach fire prevention in the schools, day cares, and other local organizations.

"Another reason that this fire department is where it is today is because of the Ladies Auxiliary of the AVFD. It is because of these ladies' volunteered hard work that the fire department, for example, was able to purchase two thermal imaging cameras. The Ladies Auxiliary of the AVFD has been another way to improve the department's service to the public." - Joyce Parnell.