City of Andrews, TX

Compliance Dismissals

Some cases for specific violations may be dismissed depending on various legal circumstances. Usually if the violation is corrected and/or proof is shown by the appearance date on your citation, the case can be dismissed. 

If you receive a citation for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility and you had insurance on the date of the violation, you will need the following information to address this citation:

  1. Verification of Insurance from Insurance Company  - once a citation is filed in Municipal Court, proof must come from the Insurance Company using this form or on the Company's letterhead where they are attesting to the fact the defendant did, in fact, have insurance on the date of the violation;
  2. A copy of the citation with a plea recorded on the bottom, signed and dated; and
  3. A copy of your Drivers' License.
  4. There is no fee/fine associated with this type of dismissal.

Simply providing a copy of your insurance card is not accepted for the purposes of dismissal of this type of offense. The proof must come from your Insurance Company once a charge is filed in Municipal Court. You may submit this information to the Court for review and judicial ruling in the following ways:

  1. In person: within 10 calendar days of receiving a citation. The hours are: Monday – Thursday from 8:00 am until 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 pm; You should bring your citation (long white copy). Remember to have your Insurance Company fax your proof prior to your visit.
  2. By fax: Your insurance company can fax the verification to (432) 523-2033 or email to You will need to follow up with the Court to ensure paperwork was received and Judge dismissed case.
  3. By mail: you may mail the above listed information to: 

City of Andrews
Municipal Court
111 Logsdon St.
Andrews, Texas 79714 

You have 10 days from receipt of a citation to take action on any citation. Please be sure to enclose a copy of your driver's license if you mail the above listed information postmarked no later than the 10th day after day of violation.

NOTE:  Utilizing the mail service for the requested information after the 10th day, may not prevent your citation from going into warrant status.

If you did not have insurance on the date/time of the violation and wish to enter a plea of guilty or "nolo contendere" (no contest), the fine can be paid: at Municipal Court Office (City Hall); by calling 866-327-1811 (for Spanish, call  800-444-1187);  or online.

View information on common violations associated with compliance dismissals, as well as the necessary proof and court fines associated with the dismissal. There may be other legal circumstances or violations that may be dismissed upon showing proof or bringing into compliance; however, please obtain the services of an attorney licensed in Texas to obtain legal advice regarding these special circumstances. Municipal Court Clerks cannot provide legal advice.

An Affidavit of Compliance may be required for some of the compliance dismissals.