City of Andrews, TX

Accessory Building

All accessory buildings must be permitted.
In order to construct or place an accessory building (garages, carports, sheds, etc.) within the City, you must have a building permit. 

For questions about setbacks and zoning regulations, please contact the building department.

Drawing must be submitted along with a completed permit application and site plan. Building Inspector may request additional information, if necessary, before issuing a permit.


  • Drawing to include square footage of lot, house, patio cover, etc…located on the site.
  • This is required in order to determine lot coverage.

Fee assessed is based on size (square footage under roof).

The following list is by no means a complete list, but rather a general requirements list of things to consider prior to any issuance of a permit for construction of an accessory building.

  • Accessory buildings are considered an Accessory Use in the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Any metal structural span over 24’ or wooden structural span over 20' requires plans prepared by a Professional Engineer registered with the State of Texas for the span and its supporting elements only.
  • Use of any pre-engineered product, ie: trusses or J-beams, will require a copy of the manufacturer’s handouts.
  • The accessory structure cannot be in any easement or right-of-way.