City of Andrews, TX


The Adopt-A-Pet Program is administered by Animal Control. The shelter receives dogs and cats daily, many of which are adoptable. 

To visit the Animal Shelter, contact the Animal Warden at the Police Department to schedule an appointment.  Their number is 432-523-5675 .

Adoptions are held every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon
Adoption Fee:  No Charge

  • All animals over the age of four (4) months old are required to have a rabies vaccination. 
  • Andrews Vet Clinic can administer this vaccination.
  • You are encouraged to also vaccinate your pet against parvo, a highly contagious and deadly virus.

Spay/Neuter Required

  • All adopted animals are required to be spayed/neutered. (Either within 30 days of adoption; or if not of age, within 10 days of becoming of age for spay/neuter.)
  • Andrews Vet Clinic will discount $25 towards this Program.  The City of Andrews will pay up to $75.00 per animal.
  • The local incentive monies are only available to residents of Andrews County.
  • All other individuals or groups shall incur all costs associated with the adoption of any animal.
  • Rescue organizations may be exempt from spay/neuter requirements, but must provide documentation of any animals being spay/neuter prior to them finding animals a permanent home.