The objective of the Street Division is to maintain city-owned streets so as to promote the safe and efficient flow of traffic and to further the beautification efforts of the community.

Foreman:  Misa Gomez
Contact:  432-523-4820

In order to ensure the integrity of city-owned streets, the City implemented an annual seal coat program which takes place each summer focusing on streets in various parts of town on a rotating basis. In an effort to maintain streets year round, pot holes and other concerns are handled as quickly as possible. We encourage citizens to report pot holes and to inform the city of any concerns that they might have with city streets.

The professional upkeep of the streets affects areas other than transportation. Many of the city streets also serve as a part of the city's storm water runoff system. Curb and gutter upkeep is an important aspect of this since it helps to preserve the integrity of the pavement and helps to protect private property from erosion. The City  Council recently approved a curb and gutter program to address areas of town where curb and gutter has not been installed. Neighborhoods are eligible to participate by request. Additional information, including application is available in the City Manager's office.

This division is also responsible for maintaining and replacing street signs, striping roads, and marking school zones. While safety is a fundamental concern, directional and informational signs are also provided as a courtesy to our citizens and to travelers. We encourage citizens to report any signs needing repair or replacement, that are missing or that are obstructed by tree limbs or landscaping.