City of Andrews, TX

Case Resolution Week

Representatives of law enforcement agencies and Courts from more than 300 jurisdictions across Texas announced combined efforts to host the 2023 Great Texas Case Resolution  Roundup beginning Friday, March 17th and run through March 26th. Hundreds of thousands of notices will be mailed statewide by participating jurisdictions. The focus is to bring these individuals into compliance with court orders and resolve outstanding cases. It is believed to be the largest joint operation of its kind.  

If you have an outstanding warrant or a delinquent traffic, misdemeanor (Class C) citation, or delinquent parking citations the time to act is NOW. In conjunction with the roundup, Andrews will also be focusing on delinquent parking tickets and Ordinance violations.

Beginning March 24, 2023, over 300 law enforcement agencies across Texas will be concentrating their efforts to arrest you on warrants.

If you voluntarily come to Andrews Municipal Court to handle your case(s), you will not be arrested at the Court.

You may also avoid the embarrassment and expense of arrest by:
  1. Paying by Credit Card 24/7 by calling:  1-800-444-1187
  2. Paying online by clicking HERE
  3. Paying by Mail: Andrews Municipal Court, P.O. Box 576, Andrews TX  79714. PLEASE MAKE MONEY ORDER for the full amount, payable to the CITY OF ANDREWS.
  4. Paying in FULL at City Hall, 101 NW Ave A, Andrews, TX. Municipal Court is located on the second floor.
  5. Pleading NOT GUILTY in person, if applicable, at the Municipal Court if your case is Un-adjudicated. You will be required to post a bond, and you will be notified by mail the date your case is set for trial. If you fail to appear for this trial, a warrant would be issued to 'Failure to Appear'.