City of Andrews, TX

Manufactured Home

Prior to moving a manufactured home into the City, contact the City to verify zoning and obtain your move-in permit. See application and guidelines for specific requirements. No home built prior to June 1976 is allowed to be moved into the City of Andrews.

For homes older than 10 years of age, please submit pictures of the exterior with your site plan and application.

To obtain a move-in permit, a site plan is required showing setbacks, driveway, sidewalks and proposed house location. You will also need to provide sales contract or title showing ownership, year manufactured and size.

In addition to the building permit, plumbing and electrical permits must be obtained for hook-ups.

Homes must be tied down and skirted prior to any utilities being turned on.

Utilities (water, electricity and gas) will not be turned on until inspections have been completed.