City of Andrews, TX


Maximum fence height is seven (7') feet in backyard and side yard up to the front face of the house. A permit is not required; however, certain requirements must be met to construct the fence in a sound manner. 

  • Maximum height of three (3) feet of solid fencing is allowed in the front yard.
  • Maximum height of four (4) feet is allowed in the front yard; provided, that it is a see-through material (i.e. chain link, etc.)
  • On an interior side front yard fence where the conversion from the maximum height (typically 6 foot) to the three (3) or four (4) foot height, it can be sloped, stepped down, curved or a sudden drop, as long as it takes place in the first eight (8) feet from the front face of the house.

Fences being built must be placed within their own property boundaries and not on city right-of-way. A survey may be required to determine your property line. 

Corner properties wanting to replace or install a new fence must contact Code Compliance or the Building Inspector for an on-site review.