City of Andrews, TX

Permit Fees

Below is a list of the most common permit fees. A complete list of fees can be found in the document at the bottom of this page.

Permit Fees
Description Fee
Backflow Tester $7.50
Building_New Construction and Additions .08/s.f. under roof
Building_Carport .05/s.f. under roof
Electric Panel/Service Change (Residential) $25.00
Electric Panel/Service Change (Commercial) $25.00
Gas Pressure Test $25.00
HVAC Replacement (Residential) $25.00/system
HVAC Replacement (Commercial) $25.00/system
Irrigation - Commercial $25 .00/backflow device
Irrigation - Residential $25.00/backflow device
Platting $120.00
Roof (Residential) $.08 s.f.
Roof (Commercial) $.08 s.f.
Sewer/Water Service Line Replacement (Residential) $25.00
Sewer/Water Service Line Replacement (Commercial) $25.00
Spa or Above Ground Pool $25.00
Swimming Pool -In Ground $25.00
Temporary Use Permit $175.00
Water Heater Replacement (Residential) $25.00
Water Heater Replacement (Commercial) $25.00
Solar Panel Permit $25.00
Variance $150.00
Zone Change $200 - $250

Sign Fees
The fees below are for On-Premise Signs

Initial Permit $100.00
   Each additional sign $25.00
Temporary Sign Permit $50.00