City of Andrews, TX

Establishing Services

Providing safe and reliable drinking water is the highest priority of the Andrews Utilities Division. For more information about the water in Andrews, please read water information or our water quality report.

Opening a New Account
In order to open a new account customers will need to provide our office with the following items. 

  • A completed application
  • Deposit and Connection fee
    • Residential Accounts:   $65.00 
    • Commercial Accounts: $75.00 or more depending on type of account
  • Proof of Legal Tenancy
    • Proof of Ownership (settlement statement, closing disclosure, warranty deed, etc. )
    • Legal Lease Agreement
  • Proof of Identification

The City prefers accounts be set up in person; however, a residential application is available online. 

Requirements and deposits for commercial properties varies slightly from residential accounts. An online commercial application is also available for your convenience.

Water meters are read electronically on or about the 12th of each month with utility bills mailed on or about the 27th of each month. Bills are due on the 15th. A late fee of $20.00 is added to all unpaid bills on the 25th of each month. Accounts not paid by the FIRST of the month will be assessed a $25.00 cut-off fee in addition to the previously assessed $20.00 late fee.