City of Andrews, TX

Police Department

Police Department

Mission Statement
The mission of the Andrews Police Department is to effectively, efficiently and proactively provide for the protection of lives and property, preserve the public peace, and provide needed community services with the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards while remaining faithful to both the United States and Texas Constitutions.  

Our goal shall be to make the City of Andrews a safer and better city in which to live, work, and play. 


  • Commitment to Excellence -  We desire to be a department of excellence; one others admire, learn from, and aspire to be.
  • Engaged and Empowered - We desire to create a culture where employees are engaged and empowered.
  • Family Oriented - We desire to provide a family oriented workplace.
  • Integrity - We desire to demonstrate integrity at all times and and in all circumstances.  Further, we are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct, with strict adherence to moral values and principles.

Protecting and Serving with Integrity, Honor, and Courage