City of Andrews, TX

Administrative Directives

This page contains all Administrative Directives authorized and issued by the City Manager to establish operating practices and procedures for certain administrative functions and/or to supplement the broader policy direction of the City Council by augmenting/clarifying ordinances and amendments to the City Code of Ordinances or to the City’s Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual. The directives are designed to promote consistent business practices, improve organizational communication, reduce risk and exposure and provide for necessary internal controls over resources and business transactions.

Finance & Administration
Fin 1    Purchasing Manual (includes City-issued credit cards & Purchase Authorization Cards)
Fin 2    Business Card Purchases 

Human Resources
HR 1     Guidelines for Progressive Employee Discipline
HR 2    Inclement Weather Policy
HR 3    Employee Development
HR 4    Military Leave
HR 5    Employee Appreciation and Recognition

Public Relations & Communications
PR 1     Creating and Using City of Andrews Social Media
PR 2     Public Information held by a temporary custodian
PR 3     Advertising Procedures