City of Andrews, TX

Arson is a Crime

Arson Is A Crime - A Felony!
It is believed that arson is much more prevalent than statistics indicate because there is a less than
perfect system for reporting fires and their causes. Statistics, no matter how imcomplete,
do indicate that arson is one of the nation's most expensive crimes against property;
and it frequently results in injuries, sometimes even deaths. 

Don't Ignore It!  Report It!
Arson can, and does affect you. This crime results in increased taxes to support law enforcement and fire departments. 

Considering the seriousness of the crime of arson, why do so few people become upset when arson occurs? People are outraged when a small convenience store in their neighborhood is robbed of a few hundred dollars. If that same store is intentionally set on fire, the community’s reaction is seldom as strong. 

These two crimes have a much different effect on a community. After a robbery, the convenience store will probably absorb the loss and return to normal operations. However, any small business that suffers extensive fire damage at the hands of an arsonist may have to close its doors for a short time or may even close permanently. Such a closing will result in the loss of income for employees, loss or suspension of employee benefits, and layoffs.

There are several reasons why people are not outraged at the work of the arsonist. Some think of fire as one of those things that is just going to happen, not something that anyone can control. In fact, the United States leads the world in fires, arson, and fire-related injuries and deaths.

Others assume that the fire does not affect them if the fire did not damage their property. Arson can, and does, affect everyone. This crime results in increased taxes to support law enforcement and fire departments. It also causes an increase in insurance premiums for area property owners.

Arson is not an easy crime to solve.  It takes skilled investigators, witnesses who are willing to come forward with information, observant fire personnel, and the extensive effort and cooperation of the criminal justice system. 

How Can You Help?
Always be observant and report unusual activities in your neighborhood, such as suspicious people, unusual moving activities, changes in lifestyles with no apparent reason, etc.

Report any information you may have about a fire in your area.