City of Andrews, TX

Discontinuing Service

Shutting off your service
To cancel your water service, please do the following steps: 

  1. Call the water office prior to the date you wish to cancel your service. Please have a forwarding address when you make this call so that we will know where to send your final bill. 
  2. A final water reading will then be obtained and the bill will be processed against your deposit.
  3. Any balance or credit will be forwarded to the address you gave us when you called to turn off your service.

It is very important to contact the water office to be assured that your service is shut off by calling 432-523-4820 or visiting our office at 111 Logsdon, Andrews, Texas

Providing safe and reliable drinking water is the highest priority of the Andrews Utilities Division. For more information about the water in Andrews, please read  our water quality report.