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Public Hearing Notices
P&Z- SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

B.A.#1170 - Victoria Mujica, Request Consideration of a Temporry Use Permit for Day Care Center (Original), for Blk. 99-E, Lots 1-8, Original Town, 601 NW 6th

B.A.#1171 - Gary Plante, Request Consideration of Fitts Subd. Replat, being a replat of Fitts Lot 1, excl. 3.09 Ac. Tr. out of E/Pt, 2506 NW Mustang

Z.C.#295 - Gary Plante, Request Consideration of Zone Change from TUP for Apartments to TUP for Assisted Living Facility, Lot 1A & 2A; and Local Retail for Lot 3A, Fitts Subd. Replat, 2506 NW Mustang.