For the last decade, the crime rate in Andrews has been among the lowest 10% of cities between 5-15,000 population. A proactive approach to law enforcement and supportive citizenry make this low crime rate both an expectation and a reality!

The City of Andrews continues to grow with an estimated population of 13,245. 

Police activity is measured in a number of ways. At a local level, emergency (911) and non-emergency calls for service are a good measure of requests for assistance and tend to capture activity that is not strictly crime related. The number of Incident Reports generated throughout the year is also a strong indication of policing activity that may contribute to supporting civil process.

The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) is a third way to report levels of policing activity. UCR is frequently used as a basis for national comparison of violent crimes (crimes against persons) and property crimes. All violations are classified as "Violent" crimes or "Property" crimes. The FBI assembles, publishes, and distributes the data to participating agencies, state crime reporting programs and others interested in the nation's crime problem. 

Due to the seriousness and frequency of occurrence, eight offenses (murder/manslaughter, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, arson, theft and vehicle theft) were chosen by the FBI to comprise the Crime Index and serve as indicators of the nation's crime experience. These offenses are known as "Violent" crimes. 

"Property" crimes encompass all other criminal offenses and include lesser offenses such as simple assaults, fraud, forgery, vandalism, drug offenses and alcohol offenses. These types of crimes represent the vast majority of work of the Department. 

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