Planning & Zoning Commission / Board of Adjustments

The Planning & Zoning Commission submits recommendations to the City  Council, after holding public hearings on changes to the Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Classifications or any change to the subdivision ordinance. A copy of the lastest Zoning Map may be viewed here.

The Commission also reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on preliminary plats and subdivision developments.

The Planning & Zoning Commission also acts in the capacity of Board of Adjustment.  This board hears and rules on requests for appeals, special exceptions and variances to the Zoning Ordinance and authorizes variances from the Zoning Ordinances when not contrary to the public interest.





Gail Averitt 12/15/2005  2 years  12/31/2020  
Edward Saldivar 05/28/2015 2 years   12/31/2019
Yankton Wyatt 12/10/2015 2 years 12/31/2020  
Rufus Williams 09/08/2016  2 years    12/31/2019 
Tim Yarbrough 02/22/2018 2 years   12/31/2019
Leonardo Flores 12/13/2018 2 years 12/31/2020  
Randy Rinker 09/26/2019   12/31/2020