Mission and Vision


The City of Andrews is committed to an excellent quality of life for all citizens by conducting public business and encouraging initiatives which reflect the core values of the community, striving to develop diversity in leadership, and achieving a sense of pride through the proactive, forward-thinking and strategic development of policies and projects

It is the expectation of the City of Andrews to always strive for the highest level of customer service, recognizing that “service” is not a department, but an attitude. 

The City also recognizes that our employees are the lifeblood of our organization. The longstanding policy of the City of Andrews is to have a relatively small, well-trained, stable staff using efficient, well-maintained equipment to provide quality, business-like service. 

Further, the City of Andrews is committed to a long-term financial strategy, which maintains the City’s goal of efficient government (i.e. low taxes, no debt, etc.) and financial strength while balancing the desire to meet community needs.


Support an initiative with Andrews County, using Fund 39 (WCS monies) to renovate Kids Kingdom, including an improved "playsafe" surface, security surveillance, and planting new adjacent trees. [20th Anniversary Commemorative Project (2017)]

Pending availability of funds, pursue the comprehensive renovation/construction of the Municipal Building
(City Hall)

- Efficiency
- Security
- Customer Service
- Space utilization

Continue efforts to strengthen citizen communications via website, social media and traitional public relations methods.

- Recycling
- Xeriscape program
- Emergency communications
- Governance issues
- Other municipal services

Implement recommended strategies to address storm water runoff and nuisance water issues.

Explore alternative energency sources (solar and wind) to power large municipal operations (WTP, WWTP, Wellfields, etc.) 

Support initiatives which "bring life" to the downtown/Courthouse Square area.

Proceed with plans to beautify the City's entrances along U.S. 385 and S.H. 115/176 ("Andrews" signage)

Continue to pursue grants for housing and community development

Ensure sufficient resources are available to accomplish departmental objectives and support an experienced, well-trained workforce

Recognize the importance of a "Safe and Secure" community, as a cornerstone to overall quality of life

Encourage transparent, fiscally sound, pay-as-you-go financial policies, including a capital improvement plan with fund balances

Acquire and develop water sources
, as a perpetual, long-term goal

Prepare for the expansion/long-term needs at the Municipal landfill