Key Definitions


  • Is any physical arrangement where a public water system, such as the City of Andrews, is connected directly or indirectly with any other apparatus that may cause any substance, other than the city's drinking water, to enter the drinking water system.


  • Means the flow in the direction opposite to the normal flow or the introduction of any foreign liquids, gases, or substances into the water distribution system.

Some cross connections are necessary and cannot be eliminated.  Therefore, appropriate isolation methods and assemblies must be employed to protect against the potential of a backflow incident.   

Consumers have the right to expect the water provided to them by their water supplier to be pure and healthful. The City of Andrews spends millions of dollars to purify and treat water before it is delivered to the consumer. However, many consumers are not aware that the water supplier also expends great effort to protect the water from the possibilities of contamination or pollution while it flows through the distribution system.