Water Distribution

The City of Andrews provides drinking water from the Ogallala Aguifer, which has naturally-occuring fluoride at 5.1 mg/l. Currently, the city operates 19 wells; nine in the Florey Field and 10 in the University Fields. Average monthly production is 60 million pumped with a daily usage of aproximately 2 million gallons.  Staff is responsible for daily operation and  maintenance of the Water Distribution system. This includes all piping, valves, fittings, fire hydrants, and water meters.

Two people are on-call for emergency response at all times.

Camille Allen is the Customer Service Operator and is responsible for daily operation of utility services, and investigating customer complaints.

Responsibilities of the Water Distribution Department include making new water and sewer taps, installing and repairing water and sewer lines, cleaning collection lines and repairing and replacing damaged mains, manholes and service connections.

The City of Andrews completed a new State-of-the-Art Water Treatment Plant utilizing activated alumina, which became operational in December 2015. The City is now delivering water which is fully compliant with the Safe Drinking Water Act, with fluoride and arsenic levels well below the federal standard.

For further information contact us at 432-523-4820.
Public Water System ID# 0020001

Contact Information:
Mike Aguero
Asst. Director of Public Works