Wastewater Collection


If you suspect a sewer drain clog in your main yard line, stop any usage of your home's plumbing until the clog is removed! 

The most common sign of a sewer clog is the back up of multiple fixtures in your home at the same time. Typically, you will notice it first with your toilets, since they have a direct path to the sewer; however, you may also notice it with your bathtubs and showers since they sit lower than any sink or other fixtures in your home. Other common signs of a sewer stoppage or clog could be water coming up in the tub or shower when you flush your toilet, or when running your washing machine, your toilets will fill and overflow.

If your home has a sewer clean out, remove the cap for a visual inspection. If water is visible, flowing, overflowing or standing, you definitely have a problem but it is necessary to determine if it is a simple drain clog, your yard line or the City's main line that is the problem.

Call Us First

The Sewer Utility crew provides 24-hour service, 7 days a week at no charge. If you experience sanitary sewer problems, call us at (432) 523-4820. After-hours, contact (432) 266-1550 or (432) 556-2870. We can check if there is a problem in the City's main sewer line that may be causing your problem. By calling us first, you may save yourself a plumbing bill.

Stoppage Crews
Upon being notified of a problem, a city crew will typically take a sewer machine to the dispatched location. The crew will then visually inspect and run the sewer machine to clean the City's main line, which could remedy the problem. 

If a problem is not found in the City's main line, the problem is in the customer's line and the customer will be notified.