Certification and Training

Many of the Andrews Volunteer Firemen hold several certifications as volunteer firemen. These additional certifications are steps each individual has taken on their own to further their education as well as make a stronger contribution to our community. Each certification plays a vital role in this Fire Department's ability to serve and protect Andrews County.

firelogo_aMost of the firemen have the basic firemen certification, while some are intermediate or advanced. Four of our firemen are also certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, while 14 are certified by the State Firemen's & Fire Marshal's Association and 2 are certified Fire Investigators, attached to the Fire Marshal's office.

emsSeveral of the firemen are certified as an EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, or Paramedic. Most of these certified men also volunteer with the Andrews Emergency Medical Services.

High_Angle_1999_1Many of the firemen are also certified in High Angle and Confined Space Rescue. The most common area these skills are utilzed are around industrial accidents, such as on drilling rigs, oil field tanks, and radio towers. 

sulfur1aAnother certification that some of these men hold is in HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials.) Just recently, the fire department put new HAZMAT trailer into service.