Property Maintenance / Substandard Structures

The PropertyProperty Maintenance Maintenance Code adopted by the City of Andrews provides many benefits to our citizens, among which is quality of life, and the health, safety and welfare of our community. 

This code regulates the minimum maintenance requirements for existing buildings for the safety of the general public and the occupants of a structure, and to maintain a building's structural and weather-resistance performance.

The City of Andrews ordinace regulating Minimum Standard Requirements for Occupancy of a Structures covers structures that have become open and accessible on properties that have deteriorated to the point of unsafe habitation.  

Each year vacant structures are inspected to ensure their safety. Property owners are Dilapidated Housecontacted to either make necessary repairs or demolish the structure. Failure to comply will result in the demolition of structures once the structure has been declared "dilapidated and unfit for human habitation". Since the inception of this program in 2001, 133 structures have been demolished, 16 have been moved off the property and 96 owners have made the necessary repairs.

Contact Information:

Steven Gallier
Building Inspector
432-523-4820 or 432-266-8904