Swimming Pools

If any of the following questions merit a "YES" response, a PERMIT is REQUIRED.

  • Will the swimming pool hold 24 inches of water depth?
  • Will there be a circulating system used?
  • Is the pool being placed or constructed in the ground?
  • Is the pool larger than 10' x 10' or a 10' diameter.

A site plan is required showing pool location, including dimensions to property lines and other structures.

Along with the site plan, we need two copies of the pool plan showing size, depth, plumbing and electrical work to be completed.

Plumbing and Electrical permits will also be required in addition to the building permit.

A fence, structure, or gate ixs required to completely surround a swimming pool to prevent small children from inadvertantly wandering into the pool.

The fence, structure or gate shall not be less than four feet (4') in height, and not have any openings that will allow a four-inch diameter sphere to pass through.

All gates should have a self-locking and self-latching device designed to keep gates closed and locked at all times. The latching device must be located within the top 1/3 of the gate.

Contact Information:
Steven Gallier
Building Inspector
432-523-4820 or 432-266-8904