Accessory Buildings

Drawing must be submitted along with a completed permit application and site plan. Building Inspector may request additional information, if necessary, before issuing a permit.



  • Drawing to include square footage of lot, house, patio cover, etc…located on the site.
  • This is required in order to determine lot coverage.

Fee assessed is based on size (square footage under roof).


The following list is by no means a complete list, but rather a general requirements list of things needed prior to any issuance of a permit for construction of an accessory building.

  • Accessory buildings are considered an Accessory Use in the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Any structural span over 24’ requires plans prepared by a Professional Engineer registered with the State of Texas for the span and its supporting elements only.
  • Use of any pre-engineered product, ie: trusses or J-beams, will require a copy of the manufacturer’s handouts.
  • The accessory structure cannot be in any easement or right-of-way.

Contact Information:
Steven Gallier
Building Inspector
432-523-4820 or 432-266-8904