Post Office

Andrews County was created in 1874 and organized in June 1910. Records show that a post office was established in Bernice, Tom Green County, April 2, 1890, which supplied about 100 people. Bernice was later called Shafter Lake. The early mail route was a distance of 55 miles from Midland to Bernice. Sam L. Mooney was the first postmaster. He reported that the nearest post office was located at Seven Rivers which was 100 miles northwest of Bernice. The first office was disconinued soon after it was opened and was then moved to Midland.

The next post office for Shafter Lake, formerly known as Bernice, was opened on December 14, 1907, with Bert M. Irwin as postmaster. Irwin reported to that Andrews County was not organized and that "Shafter Lake is the only town in the county." Mail was delivered three times a week from Midland.

A petition was made for a post office to be established at Cal, Texas later called Yard. The May 1903 report requesting postal service gave the following information:  the office would be on the route between Tennessee Colony and Palestine, the office would be supplied from the Tennessee Colony; and a total of 200 persons would be supplied by the Cal office. The report was signed by Brucy C. Gray, the proposed postmaster, and by M. S. Avant, postmaster at Tennessee Colony, Texas.

Pierre Von Hollebeke became postmaster at Hollebake on August 14, 1903. The location was also known as China Pound, according to the records. There was no village, but the post office was to supply about 75 people.

Other early post offices established in Andrews County were at Ethel, March21, 1908, with Arthur H. Taylor as postmaster, at Ida, March 6, 1908, with Minnie W. Logsdon as postmistress; and at Logsdon (formerly Ida) on June 23, 1908, with Minnie W. Logsdon serving as operator.

The Logsdon's owned a ranch known as the Hip-O-Ranch which was located in the northwest corner of Andrews County about fifteen miles northwest of Shafter Lake.

The mail was brought from Monument, New Mexico, once a week by neighbors who took turns in going for it. The ranch was sold in 1915.

Florey was located on the postal route from Seminole to Midland. In 1908 a petition was made for a post office to supply a population of 125. Lee N. Smith served as first postmaster beginning January 18, 1909. Florey was also known as Smackover. The Humble Camp was established there in 1934 and was abandoned in 1956. Now a grassy, shady county park occupies the Florey location.

Andrews on the postal route between Midland and Seminole had its first post office opened January 20, 1909. Thomas M. White was the operator. Andrews had a population of 100 people. The mail was delivered from Midland by car. The car carried brides and other passengers and anything else that had to be taken to Andrews.

By 1918 a total of 65 miles of new railroad from Midland to Seminole had been completed. The railway ran through the Chicago or "C" Ranch in the eastern part of Andrews County. Florey was located on the railway. Both Fasken and Florey had dreams of becoming larger than Andrews. The railway was bought by the Texas and Pacific Railway Company and operated until 1925 when it was discontinued.

Records of the Post Office Department, Record Group 28, Records of Appointments of Postmasters in Andrews, Crane, Loving, Ward and Winkler Counties, Texas and Site Location Reports Relating to the Same Counties 1883-1949. The National Archives of the United States, 1934. Microfilm - Texas Permian Historical Society Archives, located in the Ector County Library, Texas - Southwest Room.

The post office at Andrews, Texas was established on January 20, 1909 as a Fourth Class post ofice, with Thomas M. White being the first postmaster.  On July 1, 1931, status changed to Third Class, then on July 1, 1946, changed to Second Class, followed by July 1, 1955 changing to First Class. In September 21, 1957, City delivery service was established.


The postmasters serving Andrews, and the dates of service as as follows:

T. C. Wilder 1908 to 1-1-1909
Thomas M. White 1-20-1909 to 4-10-1911
Aubrey N. Brown 4-10-1911 to 1-13-1915
Edmund L. Haag 1-13-1915 to 8-28-1919
Mary Irwin 8-28-1919 to 3-17-1921
Roy Wilson 3-17-1921 to 2-18-1926
Florence M. Lonis 2-18-1926 to 4-28-1931
Edgar W. Burkett 4-28-1931 to 3-16-1944
Maggie m. Burkett 5-3-1944 to 6-30-1957
Harold Roberts 5-3-1944 to 7-21-1961
Douglas Luck 7-21-1961 to 2-17-1973
J. C. Eades 11-10-1973 to


Courtesy Andrews County Heritage Committee, 1978