Did You Know That...

Between 1950 - 1960, Andrews was the fastest growing town in the United States.

Andrews was the first town in the nation to have a complete Mercury Vapor street lighting system; it also boasts of more paved streets of any town its size in the nation.

When the Florey Post Office was first established in 1909, it changed places of operation five times in the first four years. At the time, the post office was located in private homes and moved quite often. It was first located in the home of Lee Smith, then Billy Wilson, next J. B. Gilbert residence then the H. K. Howell home and finally A. J. Florey home. In 1913, the post office moved five miles west on the Midland northwestern Railroad to a store building near the depot and remained there until 1941 when it moved into a store building 10 miles north of Andrews where it still operates as a sub-station.

During the early years of existence, the mail was brought from Shafter Lake by horse and buggy.

During open-range days pioneer ranchers watered and bedded their cattle down at what is now the City Lake in the west part of town... later it was used by teenager as an ideal place to play "cops and robbers" after a story told by the last Uncle Horace Irwin, who personally knew Billy the Kid!

About 1906-07, C. W. Logsdon raised a watermelon on his ranch in the Northwest part of Andrews County, that was sent as part of an exhibit to the State Fair in Dallas. It weighed over 100 pounds and won first prize at the fair.

At one time Andrews had two theaters... the Wallace and Rose Theaters.

Andrews High School had its first baseball team in 1918... team members were Emmitt Price, Henry Price, Lloyd Rhodes, Ralph Umberson, Herbert Barnes and Bennett Barnes.

The Andrews Telephone Company cut-over to the dial system in 1955.

Courtesy Andrews County Heritage Committee, 1978